The key element of our transcription services is value, which means the right balance between price and quality. Our capable team ensures customer satisfaction is the heart of our business. Building real relationships with our clients is what we strive for. Our transcription costs are low and, when we layer in triple proofreading for quality assurance with our high standards, our clients have the highest value transcripts at the right cost for their budgets.


Our all human transcription ensures the highest quality. A efficient team for speed and single to tripled proofed for quality, we ensure the best transcript possible in speech to text solutions. Guaranteed accuracy, our team creates the quality transcripts for all our clients. Simply put, if you are not satisfied with our work for any reason, we’ll fix it until you are satisfied.


All our clients will enjoy a dedicated specialist to fit you into the best service for your transcript. Fast delivery is our standard and customization is always available through our transcription team. From online orders accepted 24/7 to typing around the clock, your speech to text transcript is processed at the highest service levels. We are so dedicated that we answer weekend emails. You can reach us on our cell phones. We drop what we’re doing and focus on your problems first. We treat your emergencies as our emergencies. 


Entrusting “Scriptsy means triple security. Make the right transcription choice to keep your files secure at every step. We have a three pronged approach. First, all independent contractors sign our NDA. Our second layer is transcribing exclusively in our proprietary system. Audio never leaves our control. Since we type directly into our secure platform, we can see progress at every level. All storage providers used by “Scriptsy are HIPAA certified.  With regard to audio recordings, we set all received audio recordings to be automatically deleted from the company’s storage systems 30 days from the date of receipt, so that no audio from any client is stored long term. All such audio content is stored in secure, encrypted, company-controlled cloud storage systems.