Medical Transcriptions for Healthcare Professionals

Over time, the evolution of the medical industry has caused the practitioner’s time invaluable. And writing notes became increasingly inconvenient, causing the delegation of work to others. Recording dictation on tape and secretaries using typewriters became the tools of choice back in the day. The risks of past documentations are that they were not easily attained by those medical professionals that required instant information. Having records on paper alone was not a long-term solution.

Nowadays information can instantly transferred via e-mail, fax, internet sites, voice files, video, networking computers, and even small hand-held portable devices. Outsourcing transcription services has become the latest phase of medical record evolution. Having electronic-based records has many benefits today, like; ease of storage, accessibility, efficiency and searchability.

At “Scripty we don’t just have transcriptionists, but Healthcare Documentation Specialists (HDS), we are very familiar with the standards and documentation requirements of the medical world. We are also HIMAA, Health Information Management Association of Australia qualified. Ensuring patients receive quality care and standards such as; health record integrity, authenticity, reliability, legibility, availability, accessibility and version control.

Our Medical Transcription Services include…

We offer an intelligent and smart solution for;

  • Medical Research Interviews

  • Biomedical Science Drafts & Theses

  • Consultation & Administrative Letters

  • Medical History & Physicals Assessment Reports


We tailor our service to your specific needs, please contact us for your medical tailored needs