“Scriptsy provides accurate and professionally-transcribed research transcription to a growing community of students, professors, researchers and authors globally.

Our transcription services include high-quality transcription of academic interviews, lectures, seminars, dissertations and theses. We also provide services for academic presentations, essays, white papers, journal articles and speeches.

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Our Academic Transcription Services include…

We offer an intelligent and smart solution for;

  • Academic interview transcriptions

  • Dissertation transcriptions

  • Research transcriptions

  • Lecture transcriptions

  • Transcriptions of group discussions

  • Thesis transcriptions

  • Conference transcriptions

  • Transcriptions of one-to-one interviews

  • Transcriptions of oral history interviews

  • Transcriptions of focus group studies

  • Transcription of academic presentations and essays

  • Transcription of journal articles

  • Transcriptions of academic symposiums